Stats & Facts

One-in-five of us faces some degree of mental disorder. Complications such as depression, anxiety, and stress disorders are far more common than we’re led on to believe. Ignorance of this, or implicit doubt, isn’t simply insensitive, it’s also detrimental for public health. Below are the facts:


Suicide is an Epidemic in the United States

  • Nearly 4% of the US population reported having suicidal thoughts at some point in 2014.
  • For the 18-25 year-old demographic, that percent is 7.4%.
  • More than 42,000 people, each of whom has a family and friends, kill themselves every year.
Source: Orange County Health Care Agency, 2015

Stigma Against Mental Disorders

  • The overwhelming cause of suicide is untreated mental disorders.
  • Only 25% of those with mental disorders believe people are sympathetic to those with mental health issues.
  • More than 70% of individuals with mental disorders do not seek treatment.
Source: Centers for Disease Control, 2010

Turn Your Empathy Into Action

The most powerful tools to reduce stigma are education, civic action, and communication. Sufficient evidence suggestions that the more people educated about mental health, the less likely they are to stigmatize those afflicted by it.

Source: National Institutes of Health, 2002