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Depictions of Depression: Undoing the Stigmas

Posted May 14, 2018

Tags: advocacyart

From "13 Reasons Why" to "Lady Bird," check out this a closer look in ways media portrays depression.

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Experiencing Postpartum Depression

Posted May 01, 2018

Tags: self-careawareness

A woman recounts her struggles with postpartum depression and what she did to heal from it.

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ClexaCon: LGBTQ Community Talks Mental Health and Media

Posted April 23, 2018

Tags: self-careartadvocacycommunity

ClexaCon is an event that sparked discussions on mental health in the LGBTQ community. Check out our interviews with some amazing actresses and artists on why mental health is important to represent in media.

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Mental Health Leadership Conference

Posted April 14, 2018

Tags: community

To collaborate, network, and form working relationships aimed at improving student mental health at UCLA.

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Spring Cleaning for Mental Health

Posted April 03, 2018

Tags: self-care

Spring is a great time to recenter yourself.

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Dissociation Daze

Posted March 27, 2018

Tags: awarenessself-care

Dissociation is something a lot of people experience, but what exactly is it? And how do people cope with it?

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Mental Health & LGBTQ Representation

Posted March 20, 2018

Tags: self-careawarenessadvocacy

Diverse representation of mental health matters!

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Healing from a Violent Trauma

Posted March 13, 2018

Tags: self-careawareness

A survivor of the Las Vegas shooting talks about her path to healing.

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Meeting the Right People for You

Posted March 06, 2018

Tags: self-care

The origin story of every relationship you form is a story worth looking into.

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