Start A Club

Interested in making major change on your campus and within your community on issues relating to mental health? Perhaps to meet like-minded students, or even to save the life of another? You are in the right place, welcome!

If you're interested in starting a club on your campus, follow these four easy steps:


Learn Who We Are

Our mission is to destigmatize mental health, increase transparency of resources, and ultimately mitigate the rate of suicide. We use a variety of tools to do this. Browse our social media and website to learn more.


Find a School Partner

School clubs can't be chartered without a President and Vice-President. Find a like-minded friend who would be passionate in starting a club.



Official GRC clubs gain access to additional resources, incentives for advocacy, networking connections, and much more.


Welcome to the Club

Together we can improve mental health in the United States, one club at a time!