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A Successful Stride for GRC

Posted August 25, 2017

Tags: community

On Sunday August 13th, the Green Ribbon Club held its first annual auction event. From ticket sales, a raffle, and bids on a total of 67 auction items, we successfully raised $9,200! These funds will go directly to help build our club programs in schools across the country.

70 people showed up to check out the prizes and enjoy the good company at the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel, all while helping salute our cause in cultivating conscious and open communities that talk about mental health and challenge the stigma of mental illness.

(Silent auction prizes up for grabs)

Nikki Daurio, the executive force behind GRC’s fundraiser, kicked off the day with introductory remarks and a reminder to enjoy the delicious desserts and lemonade, be creative and paint rocks, participate in an Instagram contest, purchase raffle tickets, and of course, bid on the wide array of awesome prizes.

The prizes included excursions like tickets to Disneyland, the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, and preview performances of A Christmas Carol at the South Coast Repertory. Pretty Little Liars and Twilight autographs were also some of the many items up for grabs, along with a Bose bluetooth headset, a massage at Spa Gregories, and an in-home wine tasting for twelve, courtesy of PRP Wine International. But the top prize of the night was the once-in-a-lifetime experience of the Angels’ baseball luxury dugout suite, which went to live auction, settling at $2,000.

(Guests smiled and talked as positive energy filled the space.)

In addition to exciting prizes, Emmy-winning writer and actress Mary Pat Gleason gave a powerful speech about her own struggles with depression and suicide. She left the crowd inspired with her thoughtful words on her recovery and finding the light in living.

(Mary Pat Gleason gave a powerful speech that opened the minds of the audience)

Award-winning director and writer Lisa Klein also spoke at the event. Her films, which include The S Word and Of Two Minds, reveal the complex and real truths of mental illness. Being a champion for those who are suffering, Klein’s speech was definitely eye-opening and encouraging for the crowd.

(Lisa Klein opened up the conversation on mental illness)

Actress Rachel DiPillo (Chicago Med) was also in attendance to support GRC.

Aside from fundraising, the auction event had a profound effect on the guests who showed up.

Rachel Lobato expressed how the auction event widened her perspective on mental illness in society: “...The Green Ribbon Club auction really opened my eyes to the struggles that many people are facing right now, and that education and open communication about mental illness is a great first step to combating stigma surrounding it."

(Mary Pat Gleason embraces Green Ribbon Club CEO Brian McInerney.)

Rosana Cleveland, also in attendance, said that the event “not only had a great event and successful afternoon, [but also brought] the attention… of the need to discuss suicide among our families and friends openly.”

People also got the chance to learn about the mission and goals of GRC. For instance, Bob Zimperman “learned that Green Ribbon will get the message out [for] local help options for someone that is in need.”

The Green Ribbon Club is nothing but ecstatic about the success of our first Annual Auction event. And the great thing is that this is only the beginning! We can’t wait to see the funds of the event go toward club programs in high schools and colleges that will rally students together, in hopes of sparking important conversations on mental illness, connecting people in their communities to resources, and advocating for change in society to break stigmas.

For all those who showed up to support our cause, thank you so much!

(left to right: Green Ribbon Club board members Aishani Ataliwala, Vishant Kumar, Nikki Daurio, Katie Peets, Brian McInerney, Arman Fijany)


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