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ClexaCon: LGBTQ Community Talks Mental Health and Media

Posted April 23, 2018

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ClexaCon, a convention that spotlights LGBTQ representation in media, was by far one of the most inspirational experiences I have had. The event floor was filled with an incredibly supportive, safe, and loving community. The first I did was participate in a panel called “Poor Queer Representation and How it Affects Mental Health” along with fellow advocates and creative people Eden Trevino, Zara Barrie, CB Lee, Jenn Polish, and Annie Segarra. We engaged in important and meaningful conversation about the state of media, queer representation, mental health representation, and the mental health of the consumers of television. I was SO excited to see that there was standing room only in the panel hall, filled to capacity!

Next was our very own featured Green Ribbon Club workshop titled “Let’s Talk About It: A Mental Health Workshop”. This workshop environment allowed for a lot more participation from attendees. We opened up on our own struggles with mental health and brainstormed 5 policy changes that would help the community, at the high school, college, and government level. 

Throughout the rest of the weekend, I was honored to be able to interview the guests of the convention-- the actresses playing the queer characters on screen. We talked about self-care routines, representations of mental health, and inspiring others. All interviews are uploaded to our Youtube Channel!

Isabella Gomez: Actress from the hit Netflix show One Day at a Time

Maisie Richardson-Sellers: Actress from CW superhero series Legends of Tomorrow

Emily Andras (Writer and Executive Producer), Tamara Duarte (Actress playing Rosita), Dominique Provost-Chalkley (Actress playing Waverly Earp) and Katherine Barrell (Actress playing Nicole Haught): from the hit Syfy show Wynonna Earp

Elise Bauman: Actress from the web-series Carmilla

Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi: Actresses from the hit CBS crime show Person of Interest

Stephanie Beatriz and Haviland Stillwell: Beatriz is an actress on the popular Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Stillwell stars in the 2018 film Freelancers Anonymous.

Anna Silk and Erica Luttrell from the hit supernatural drama Lost Girl

Tamara Duarte: Actress from the hit Syfy show Wynonna Earp

Dot-Marie Jones: Emmy-nominated actress known for her role as Shannon Beiste on Glee

Briana Venskus: Actress from Supergirl and The Walking Dead


To wrap it up, I had the opportunity to just bask in the glory that is ClexaCon. Every single attendee was incredibly passionate about making a positive impact in the world. People were so open to sharing their mental health stories and its intersection with the queer media they see represented on their screens. I think the most amazing part of the convention, besides all of the rainbow and unicorn glory, was how we were able to connect as a community. Once I mentioned mental health, every person was able to relate because they connect to that topic on a personal level whether explicitly or implicitly. It was a truly special weekend.


Thank you so much ClexaCon for allowing Green Ribbon Club to hold a workshop. We loved connecting with other advocates and artists over important mental health-related discussions!

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