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IG Live: Mental Health Talk With Kaylee Bryant

Posted April 11, 2020

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On April 5, 2020 Legacies Actress, Kaylee Bryant and Green Ribbon Club's CEO, Nikki Daurio talk about the impact of COVID-19 on one's mental health. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/UbWBl38lfjk


3 Ways to Cope With Mental Health Struggles During COVID-19


1. Join a Therapeutic Activity: Be kind to yourself, spend time with animals, explore new hobbies, talk to friends or family.

2. Do a Physical Activity: Take a walk, pace around your home, go for a run or run in place. Take 15 minutes to give your body a physical release.

3. Journal Your Thoughts & Emotions: Release your thoughts through writing, talking, recording - anyway that you can give your mind a mental release.

We know that this time is challenging for everyone. We want you to be kind to yourself, help others who may need help, access the resources that are available to help and talk about how you're feeling. For crisis support resources, check out these organizations: https://www.greenribbonclub.org/resources/professional

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