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Yutong Wanyan, 20

Years Battling: 1

Posted May 10, 2019

"Eating Disorder is never easy. Binging and throwing up hurt. The moment that I finally decided to change everything began at a point that I realized my life was totally stuck. It seemed that I walked into a dark cave and lost my courage to get out, back to my life progress. I fell behind too much and I did not like it. My Eating Disorder therapist and my occupational therapist helped me a lot, but most importantly, I wanted to move forward. I tried so much to learn how to love myself again: to see what's good in me, and to take control, instead of hiding in my room and throwing up again. After all suffering (and the suffering I'm currently still having), I talked with people: my families back in China, my boyfriend, my close friends, my therapist, and my doctors...I realized this was not all my fault. I was exposed to the ED more riskier genetically, and my parents' Perfectionism had played a role in my childhood. Being aware of my emotions and battling against ED became a process to make myself whole again. None of these would define me, and I would be ready to go. I'm glad to say, I have at least made some progress. And you?"