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Anonymous, 15

Years Battling: 5

Posted August 19, 2020

"It's hard for me to talk about it but here I go. Everything started when I was younger, in school. Kids bullied me, and it really affected me. Because of it, I suffered from depression and anxiety, I couldn't sleep, relax, be okay, laugh or anything, I couldn't being me because I was so scared and I didn't wanted to go to school anymore. I used to cry everyday for it. It was hard, but thanks to tv shows, the casts and the fandoms, I talked to people. And they encouraged me to get help, which I did. And I'm better than I ever was. So I don't know if this is gonna help you but please talk to somebody, to your family, friends people on the internet or anyone, just talk about it and everything is gonna be okay. Sending love!"