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Moog, 22

Years Battling: 9

Posted September 10, 2019

"I recently became infatuated with a show called Legacies... It focuses mainly on 3 girls but one of the girls is a pansexual witch played by Kaylee Bryant. Kaylee has a very strong social media presence and is constantly on Instagram live talking about “taboo” things. Kaylee speaking out about mental health means a lot to me in general but especially because of her age, her standing, and the character she plays. Her character is queer and her character has a sister who clearly experiences some sort of mental illness. Mental health is such a taboo thing to talk about, but i especially feel it is when you’re up and coming in the industry like Kaylee is. But that hasn’t stopped her at all from lending kind words and expressing worries she may have about her effect on followers. It’s really admirable and something that makes it so easy for fans to connect to her. It really got me thinking about how sometimes it is so hard to stay alive for yourself so it helps to find something to stay alive for instead. There’s nothing too silly to be your reason for sticking around. Mine is currently that I need to see if Josie gets absorbed by Lizzie 👀👀"