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Ebony Lee, 27

Years Battling: 10

Posted July 22, 2019

"It started my junior year of high school. I had plans to go off to California and become a superstar. That all changed when I found out I was pregnant. Instead of people saying they were happy for me, they told me how much I was ruining my life. I would go in my room and cry and just hope people would eventually change their minds. After I had my baby the negativity continued, but not with other people... it continued within myself about how I could have been so careless with my life. I attempted suicide twice. I continued battling depression for years. The one thing that keeps pushing me forward is the fact that I have my husband and my two wonderful children and the thought of leaving them motherless keeps me standing strong. I also have my cousin who is battling depression and I want to continue to be there for her. I want people to know that you're not alone and together we can get through it all!"