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Yeray Camacho, 14

Years Battling: 9

Posted October 06, 2019

"When I was 6, something happened that completely changed my life, and that of my family. Since I was a girl I have been very quiet and reserved, but this was different, obviously I was a child I did not know what depression was, and much less knew what suicide was, when this happened my family immediately got me into therapy every day for about 2 hours, with the intention of preventing me from having any mental disorder. I wish that would have worked. The years went by and I just didn't feel better, everything in my house was different, the same in school, who didn't bully me, they saw me as a broken girl and the others didn't talk to me. While I grew up this grew with me. It was until I went into high school and I realized what was happening, because I started to hurt my body and I didn't care at all, I didn't feel anything, I felt empty. It's been so many years of struggle and I want everyone to know that being wrong is not bad, but we must not settle for that idea. It is okay to be sad one day, but we have to be aware that we are alive, and tomorrow is another day, and although you do not believe it, you matter, there are people who love you and care about you. And suicide is an act that doesn't just affect you, it's not just your life that is involved, it's your mom, your dad, your friends, your partner, your siblings, your uncles, your cousins, even the children you saw in the halls of the school are affected in one way or another, so, live, just live. I know it's not easy, I've been surviving all my life not living, but I'm really trying, every day is a new battle with these demons inside my head, but I want to do it for my family, friends and more than anything for me, because there is only one life and you have to enjoy it."